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Terms and Conditions

terminator newsTruly, we do distribute both paid and non-paid posts on our site and here are a portion of our terms and conditions.

Supported Guest Post Program At Terminator News

There’re numerous associations/site which are searching for new strategies to fabricate brand mindfulness, produce inbound connections and drive more possibilities to their sites. For those associations, our supported visitor post program is only the ticket. All the paid visitor posts (composed by you and subject to our rules) will stay on the site for until the end of time.

Try not to present any supported visitor post that is basically trash. That is a misuse within recent memory and of yours. Rather than submitting trash submit quality work that coordinates the substance and tone that is found on the site as of now.

Guest Post Criteria At Terminator News

  • Your content should be new/fresh and unique.
  • Content length should be 800-1000 words minimum.
  • We provide only one free no-follow backlink. Backlinks that supports the content are allowed. (For Ex: Wikipedia links, Survey links etc)

Content Of Niche you can submit to Terminator News

  • Health
  • World
  • Finance
  • Entertainment
  • Business
  • Review
  • Commodity

For any further requests, you can generally send an email to our email address enquirywriteforus@gmail.com

Note: Grammatically incorrect and duplicate content isn’t acceptable.




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