Get a detailed guide on protecting your car from scratches

According to a survey held in 2018, nearly 30 people in a group of every 1000 people own a car. Keeping the congested lanes and gregarious traffic conditions in India into consideration, getting deep car scratches is definitely not an unprecedented accident in these frenzied streets. So, almost 25 people in these 1000 individuals must deal with this accident almost every day. 

It is a waste of time and resources to go to a service station every time a person gets a deep car scratch because these scratches are more likely to show up on your car than the water supply at your house. Therefore, we need to learn how to remove deep scratches from cars because it is a skill that will help save a lot of lucky pennies. 

We have come up with simple solutions so that you can be at ease while removing deep scratches from the car. We hope information provided in this blog helps to guide you in the right direction.

3 Cost Effective Products That Will Help In Removing Deep Scratch From Car

#1. Scratch Remover

Many have criticized scratch removers and their efficiency in the work performed on concealing a scratch on the car. A very few acknowledge the major benefit of using a scratch remover for removing deep scratches from cars and that is cost efficiency, convenience and longevity. 

Scratch removers are chemically very slightly abrasive and their function is pretty much similar to their chemical nature. On applying a scratch remover on a deep scratch on the body of the car, it starts to dissolve the clear coat around the scratched area. This proves to be very helpful as it levels up the surface of the car body and camouflages the entire scratched surface.

Once the surface is even, you can easily use a filler to fill the scratch in. Voila! The results are squeaky clean and there is no sign of a scratch in its original place.

#2. Scratch Remover Kits

Scratch remover kits are slightly more expensive and a little less convenient than the scratch removers. But on the brighter side, one must note that these scratch remover kits are also more effective than the scratch removers. They work on deeper scratches, scratches that go beyond the clear coat of the car, therefore this product is more efficient when it comes to removing deep scratch from car.

These scratch remover kits follow a little complicated procedure when it comes to removing scratch from a car. The procedure begins with washing the affected area properly and drying it clean. We add a little water on the affected area one more time, just enough to wet that particular area. 

Next, we use sandpaper and rub it around the scratch which builds up a slurry. Once the abrasion is done with the help of sandpaper, we use car polish in order to conceal the scratch completely. The damage is completely gone, almost as if it was never there.

#3. Car Scratch Repair Cloth

A car scratch repair cloth can be used in case of temporary measures to be taken for removing deep scratch from the car. This tool is surprisingly effective in cases of repairing damage to the body of the car. 

The steps involved in using car scratch repair cloth are easy and effective. It starts with cleaning the affected area in order to remove unnecessary debris to interfere in the process. Secondly, we must ensure to mask the surrounding unaffected area of the car body with the help of duct tape or any other effective adhesive tape. 

Next, we pour a few millilitres of paint leveler on the car scratch repair cloth and rub it gently on the scratch. This rubbing action needs to be repeated back and forth a few times until we see a clean surface with no visible scratches. Hence, it proves to be very effective in removing deep scratches from cars.


Removing deep car scratch can be extremely bothersome and expensive until we use a few Do It Yourself (DIY) techniques on our own.

These car scratches should be taken care of well in time because it can cut deeper and deeper into the clear coat to reach the base coat and sometimes even to the primer and cause rusting in the affected area. This will create an additional expense for the owner of the car. It may take several hours and dollar bills to fix that extended damage.  

So, taking a few precautions before it’s too late can never harm you.

Make use of a car scratch remover if the scratch doesn’t seem to be a major threat and you do not have an extended budget. You can go for car scratch repair kits if you bear a heavy budget and seek a more reliable aid. Or, a car scratch repair cloth always helps if you are looking for temporary and affordable measures. 

We hope this article proved to be insightful to you and we were able to cover all aspects of the information you were seeking from us. 

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