Designer Eyeglasses Are On Trend Now, What’s New For 2020?

Guide to Popular Designer eyeglasses in 2020

The classics are coming back in 2020 with its designer eyeglasses. This new year is all about elegant design and quality material that lasts long. Right now, eyewear fashion has been going through a drastic change, it’s becoming more detailed in design, but it’s subtle about it in the display. You get a range of materials to choose from the lens type to the frame’s style, but remaining it vintage and retro is also the crucial feature of the modern trend of 2020.

People are keeping it simple yet elegantly designed and looking for eyeglasses that turn out to represent an excellent investment. In case you identify yourself as a female, then read here to find out What’s new and trendy in Glasses for girls 2020.

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Latest List Of Designer Eyeglasses Among Men And Women In 2020


  • Frames Trend – Tinted Translucent Frames

Sisters of transparent frames but only chicer. Translucent frames are better and much original versions of clear frame glasses. There’s something about these beautiful tinted frames that gives it a glossy and smooth look that makes us want to touch and feel it. The crystal tints present in grey, rose, pink, amber, green, and brown are eye-pleasing frames that look great for formal or casual wear.

The best pair of tinted translucent designs are present in acetate, steel, and titanium frames, particularly in burnished gold, silver, or gunmetal color. Tinted color makes it an ideal choice of designer glasses because they are versatile; they act neutrally in a colour that is not too flashy or dull in appearance. The attractive jelly-like appearance makes them look exquisite and elegant to wear because their neutral tone perfectly complements every attire in your wardrobe. It makes your face pop out in a subtle way and looks quite modern, great classic for every occasion, whether it’s for work or meeting or going out for a coffee or Party.

  • Thin and Bold Balance Frames – Tailor-Fit Design

The combination between frames materials was a trend back in 2019, but 2020 gets to see the combined balance of thin and thick bold frames. To stand out in uniqueness, go for a translucent acetate combined with thin metal or titanium temples.

The opposite mix of the material of bold acetate designed with thin metal temples and bridge delivers you an artistic and polished look. This frames design is an art to look at and also look unconventional in style. Whenever you go for a thick acetate frame, don’t go with dark colours like red or black but more of burgundy, pink, or greens. Don’t get these glasses in bigger or oversized shaped but instead go for a medium or small size.

Eyeglass Lens Trends – Treat your Lenses

  • On Trend – Light Tinted Lenses

Light lens tint frames are a trend now among various celebrities, and it is worth giving a try. When you make your lens tinted with radiant colours on prescription or non-prescription glasses, it gives them the fashion that they were missing out. Don’t let your new glasses be ordinary like others, there are people already existing to make things boring, you are exceptional, and you should go for something that makes you look cooler in those frames.

They don’t include darkness at all but rather a maximum brightness and joy on your face when you wear them. They are lightly tinted with slow colours like pink or orange and give you a fashionable edge to your dressing style. You can wear them indoors and definitely outdoors to showcase your inner fashionista.

  • On Trend – Blue light Filter

Blue light filter lens is the new favourite thing on the internet after the whole “baby shark” song. The prolonged duration of digital devices consumption goes unnoticed, and hence to get rid of various side effects of Blue light glasses, people are getting their lens with the extra filter of blue light. Learn here about the harmful effect of blue light rays .

Where to get Designer eyeglasses – Specscart

Specscart provides the best designer glasses frames in beautifully designed frames and customised selection of the lens that makes it superior in functionality and fashion. You can get prescription and non-prescription lenses customised with the latest fashion trend floating around in 2020, where Specscart gives free protective coating of anti-glare, anti-UV, anti-scratch and impact resistance. With the free try on Glasses, you don’t need to hurry up and grab anyone’s frame style, but instead, you can order four of your ideal selection of frames design and try them on for an entire week. Go ahead and follow the latest design in eyeglasses.

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