How To Keep You Fit During The Lockdown

Staying active during coronavirus pandemic is quite challenging because of lockdown and maintaining a physically active lifestyle is more complicated. The COVID-19 is spread by someone sneezing or coughing into the air or onto a surface, and then the virus enters and infects a new person through their mouth, nose or eyes. Most up-to-date information about covid-19 can be found on the centers for disease control and prevention (CDC) based on what we know about how the virus moves from one person to another, and it is recommended to avoid public gatherings and keep a social distance of 6 feet or more.

Along with advice related to personal care (handwashing), not touching your face) has created concern about exercising in gyms, where hundreds of people are in and out every day. Those at highest risk for severe complications of COVID- 19 are older adults (age 60 or above), people with chronic diseases (such as diabetes, heart disease and lung disease), those with compromised immune systems (such as those going through cancer treatment or with HIV) these individuals should avoid gyms altogether and exercise at home or in their comfort.

For all of us, young and old, regular physical activity is essential for staying healthy as compared to just sitting around most of the time, as only moderate-intensity physical activity is associated with better immune function. Regular physical activity can help reduce your feelings of stress and anxiety, which many of us may be feeling in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic). The physical activity like 150-300 minutes per week of moderate-intensity aerobic physical exercise and two sessions per week of muscle strength training is enough to stay fit. You can be fit in 2, 5, 10 or 20 minutes, however, and wherever you can. Every active minute counts as make some strategies to maintain physical activity and fitness. Stay positive, stay active, be smart and safe during lockdowns.

Home Full Body Workout Plan

  • Jumping rope and squat combination
  • Mountain climbers and lunges
  • Incline or declined pushups
  • Knee supported or diamond push-ups
  • Shoulder or triceps push-ups
  • Push-up Pull-up combination
  • Bicycle crunches or sit-ups
  • Hanging Leg raises or lying leg raises.

Weekly Full Body Workout Plan For Beginners

1. Monday

  • Jumping Jacks- 50
  • Crunches- 20
  • Triceps Dips- 20
  • Squats- 15
  • Lunges- 10 (each leg)
  • Standing Calf Raises- 20
  • Pushups- 05
  • Plank- 30 Second
  • Lunges- 10
  • Split Jumps- 10

2. Tuesday

  • Jumping jacks- 60
  • Vertical Leg Crunches- 25
  • squats- 20
  • Wall Pushups- 20
  • Side plank (each side)- 10
  • Lunges Split Jumps- 15
  • Jump Squats- 05
  • 40 High Knees- 40
  • 3. Wednesday
  • Jumping Jacks- 75
  • Squats- 25
  • Jump Squats- 05
  • Plank- 45 Seconds
  • Standing Calf Raises- 10
  • Kneeling pushups- 05
  • Superman- 30 Seconds
  • Lunges (each side)-20
  • Crunches- 30

4. Thursday

  • Jumping Jacks- 80
  • Vertical Leg Crunches- 3-
  • Sit-ups-20
  • Triceps Dips- 25
  • Squats- 30
  • Side Lunges (each leg)- 10
  • Leg Lifts (each leg)- 15
  • wall Pushups-15

5. Friday

  • Jumping jacks- 90
  • Crunches- 40
  • Sit-ups- 25
  • Triceps Dips- 30
  • side Lunges (each leg)-20
  • Inclined Pushups- 15
  • declined pushups- 10
  • Jump Squats- 10
  • second plank- 50 Seconds

6. Saturday

  • jumping jacks- 100
  • crunches- 50
  • sit-ups- 30
  • triceps dips- 40
  • inclined or declined pushups- 20
  • plank- 60 seco0nds
  • lunges- 25
  • hanging le raises- 20

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