Coronavirus: Biggest Threat For World

A corona is a combination of viruses that are common in animals, but it can be reached from animals to humans. The new Chinese coronavirus in which problems like fever, cold, shortness of breath, runny nose and sore throat appears. It can lead to pneumonia in a later stage. Its condition is quite similar to a common cold that spread thoroughly.

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How The Coronavirus Outbreak And Spread

The very first case is detected in Wuhan, China, in early December and after only two months, it’s become and global threat. As world health organization already declared a worldwide emergency and international concern with the outbreak spreading outside china.

The Latest Update On Coronavirus


Almost 260 peoples killed due to this deadly disease worldwide and more than 12000 were infected. This is thoroughly spreading in china and a dozen more countries. There are not death reported outside china, but 18 countries have their novel patients.

The First And Second Case Is Also Confirmed In India

India has confirmed that at least one case of coronavirus has already reached the country as a Wuhan university student came back to Kerala and find positive in coronavirus infection. The country’s first case was in a patient in Kerala, a southwestern coastal state, kept in isolation at Trissur general hospital. The case was confirmed by union health ministry after samples were tested in the national institute of Virology; under the observation, the patient is in stable condition.

Both the cases in India have been confirmed in Kerala, where more than 2000 people are under observation in hospitals.

  1. The second patient is also a Wuhan University China student. He is returned to Kerala on January 24, and find definite after clinical diagnosis.
  2. The student is currently admitted in the isolation ward at Alappuzha Medical College Hospital, Kerala, and now in stable condition.

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