Special Ops: Watch and Download Hotstar Special Special Ops

In today’s Digital World, every OTT Platform is trying to serve the best content. In this race, Hotstar will always bring best to your table. Hotstar Special Special Ops is another Series on a Hunt of Terrorist, But it’s not like any other series. Special Ops will compel you to binge-watch. Neeraj Pandey blends all aspects of Investigation and Action beautifully as he always does. Some Episodes Directed by Shivam Nair as Well. Neeraj Pandey’s Special Ops will not disappoint you for a second at any point in time while watching.

There are some extra-ordinary performances in the series which are surely need to mention. Let’s look at some:

Cast Of Special Ops

1. KayKay Menon

Kay Kay Menon, who is playing Himmat Singh (Senior Analyst and Logistics Head RAW), who leads the operation. And investigate a hunt of Mastermind who is behind the Parliament Attack. Kay Kay Menon, as Himmat, gave a splendid performance. The way he portrays Himmat’s character and maintains a transition between Character’s Personal & Professional life is beautiful.

2. Karan Tacker

Karan Tacker plays Special Asset of Himmat Singh, who deployed in Dubai by him. Karan, as Farooq, who is making a debut in Digital World, gave a marvelous performance. His Performance in the series is undoubtedly a noticeable one & the way he acted in the series is very free-flowing and natural. Karan is the most-talented actor who I feel is under-rated, but he ticks mark all the things in the check-list with his acting skills.

3. Sajjad Delafrooz

Sajjad Delafrooz is bigshot in Dubai who plays a negative role in the series. He plays Hafiz in the series, but as the story unfolds, you came to know that he is the Mastermind Ikhlaq khan whom Himmat Singh is hunting. If we come to Sajjad’s performance, he stand-out in his role as he does in the movie Tiger Zinda Hai. His accent will always elevate the character whenever he plays Terrorist. He is excellent in his action scenes as well.

Other Cast

Vinay Pathak, Sana Khan, plays an important role as well. Vinay, sir, as always, performed very smoothly as Delhi Police Officer. Sana Khan, as Sonya is Surprise element for the series, played her part seamlessly, small yet effective.

Sharad Kelkar, Parmeet Sethi, Divya Dutta, Vipul Gupta, Mehar Vij, Saiyami Kher are also there for a cameo. Their Performances were useful and valuable for the story.

Review Of Special Ops

Hotstar Special Ops is a Gripping & intriguing Series so that you cannot leave your Phones, Ipad & Laptops. Fantastic Screenplay, Beautiful Cinematography, and great performances by actor lifted the Series. Special Ops Present the attack of Parliament and unravel some important Aspects related to it. Action Sequence in the series is choreographed so well there is no point where you can say it is looking over. So, If you are planning to stay at home in the current situation of quarantine, you should binge Special Ops.

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