When there is a total lockdown, and you cannot go out because of the coronavirus. We bring 5 Best Web-Series to binge during your quarantine. In Digital World, where content is king, and everybody is trying to put their best foot forward. There are many stories in the market across all genres, whether it is Comedy, Thriller, Action, Drama, Erotic, Science fiction, Crime, Romance, Fantasy, Epic, and many more. And when it comes to entertaining the audiences, all OTT platforms are trying to put the best narrative according to their desire. Here are some series we bring for you:

Top 5 Best Web Series To Watch During Lockdown


MX Player Bhaukaal a story of IPS officer who eliminates crime from Muzaffarnagar(UP). Navneet Sekera’s life and events inspire Bhaukaal during his posting in Muzaffarnagar district. The story is full of action, which will give you a real picture of gang wars. Bhaukaal shows how Navneet Sekera wipes out the dominance of the gangster from Muzaffarnagar(UP). Bhaukaal will be a great watch if you like to see guns in action.


Zee5 State of Siege 26/11 is the story of the Biggest Mumbai Attack. Inspired from the book Black Tornado by Sandeep Unnithan, the State of Siege showcases the broader picture of Mumbai Attack from the eye of NSG Commandos. We can say the point of View NSG Commandos brings freshness to the table as there are many films and series that have already been made on 26/11. State of Siege will be A Must Watch the action scenes were terrific, the intensity is top-notch. A binge-worthy if you want to know the Minute details of 26/11.


Asur is having all arrows in his inventory. The series is filled with all aspects, which makes it intriguing. It is a perfect mixture of suspense, mythology, and murder mystery.
The story travels around serial killing activity in Varanasi. Two CBI Officer from the forensic department tries to catch the killer but fall in a terrible situation. Asur has excellent suspense, and it is a must-watch. It has some nail-biting scene that will not let you get bored for a single second at the time of binge.


Hotstar Special Special Ops is again an action drama based on Parliament Attack. Special Ops has an engaging investigation that shows a link between Parliament Attack & 26/11. It shows a Raw Officer chases a Mastermind who is behind all these attacks. Special Ops reveal some important ground reality related to the attacks. Special Ops is binge-worthy because of gripping investigation, and it’s an Action drama.


 A Netflix Original Jamtara is a crime based web-series that showcases the story of small-town boys who got into phishing business. Phishing is a common crime that almost everyone faced some fall for it, some not. Jamtara shows how beautifully these boys tricked people and started a whole call center for phishing. It shows how a big shot got their back and, after a while, turns into their biggest enemy. Jamtara is a binge-worthy because it’s fresh and revel insights of phishing which entertain and at the same time spread awareness among all.


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