Bollywood Celebrities in lockdown : Coronavirus

bollywood celebreties

Where the whole world is suffering from Pandemic- Coronavirus and trying to fight with it by following the lockdown, in this lockdown, some people learned new things; some people had a great time with their family, some people carved their hidden talents. As many videos of people dancing, singing and cooking are trending during this lockdown. As everybody is doing their stuff, Our Bollywood celebrities are no behind. They are also enjoying this time of lockdown by doing their stuff in their very own Bollywood style. Let’s peep what all they are doing:


Our very own diva of Bollywood Katrina kaif is enjoying her lockdown by keeping her house clean. Katrina, who gave the best dancing numbers with her dancing skills, is no lesser in keeping her home clean. You can see her sweeping skills as she posted her video on Instagram while cleaning, and she shows some cricketing skills with “Jhaddu” as well.


The Greek God Hrithik Roshan looks like spending his lockdown period in a very productive way by learning the piano. We have seen him grooving on the floor as he is the finest dancer of the Bollywood. Now he is showing his skills on keys of the piano in his Instagram video.


Karan Johar, the owner of the biggest production in India (Dharma Productions). He gave some classics and evergreen movies of all time as a director. He is Director, Producer, Judge, Host of the most successful talk show, and many more. He is enjoying his time in lockdown with his two adorable kids Roohi and Yash Johar. Karan and the kids use to relish their time in Karan’s big wardrobe, where kids used to make fun of his choice of clothes. The videos are cute and adorable.


Diljit Dosanjh, who breaks the ice with his beautiful performance in Udta Punjab, and after that, there is no looking back for him. People groove globally on his songs. This actor, the singer, has a huge fan base. But no one knows that he is Chef as well. Yes, you heard right; in the period of lockdown, Diljit came up with the best of best recipes that you can see on his Instagram. The most amazing thing about the video is how he presents it; the live commentary he does while making the dishes makes the video funnier and interesting. And the dishes look tasty as well.

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