Being a top-rated show in terms of TRP, Entertainment and Emotions there is one more thing which is always attached with the reality show, or we can say one of the critical reason of its popularity that is its controversies. As this season started with 13 celebrity contestants, some of them were very famous faces of the Television industry like Rashmi Desai and Siddharth Shukla. Whereas some of them are not known as Asim Riaz and Shehnaz Kaur Gill. Here is the list of the contestant:

Housemate Entry Exit Status
Arti Day 1 Finalist
Asim Day 1 Finalist
Paras Day 1 Finalist
Rashami Day 1 Day 35 Evicted
Day 40 Finalist
Shehnaz Day 1 Finalist
Sidharth S Day 1 Finalist
Mahira Day 1 Day 137 Evicted
Vishal Day 43 Day 128 Evicted
Shefali J Day 36 Day 120 Evicted
Madhurima Day 65 Day 112 Ejected
Shefali B Day 1 Day 35 Evicted
Day 65 Day 99 Evicted By Housemates
Arhaan Day 36 Day 50 Evicted
Day 65 Day 92 Evicted
Vikas F Day 36 Day 78 Evicted
Himanshi Day 36 Day 71 Evicted
Devoleena Day 1 Day 35 Evicted
Day 40 Day 63 Health Problem
Khesari Day 36 Day 55 Evicted By Housemates
Tehseen Day 36 Day 42 Evicted
Siddhartha D Day 1 Day 30 Evicted
Abu Day 1 Day 23 Evicted By Housemates
Koena Day 1 Day 15 Evicted
Dalljiet Day 1 Day 14 Evicted

As this Bigg Boss Season break all the records of TRP on the television, it broke all the records of controversies as well. There are some of the highlighted controversies of this season:

Siddharth Shukla and Asim Riaz fight 

Time many people started seeing Bigg Boss because of the brotherly bond of Asim and Siddharth s., whom Salman Khan himself said that you guys are like Ram-Lakhan. But this bond got an evil eye on their relation, and soon these brothers turned to enemies, as their fights become the ugliest fight of all season as they went too far by abusing each other to their families and pushing each other and showing violence where Salman Khan and Bigg Boss are trying to keep them calm, Rohit Shetty came from outside the house to make them understand that the stuff they are doing are not looking good on national television.

Arhaan Khan and Rashmi Desai Confrontation

Arhaan who came as a wild card entry in the house and was telling himself as the biggest supporter of Rashmi comes out as biggest traitor as he proposed Rashmi and didn’t tell her about his past at which Salman Khan intervene and break the rule of Bigg Boss house by telling Rashmi about the things which are going outside the home. As Arhaan hasn’t told her about his first marriage and he is having a kid too with his first marriage. Salman Khan came into this and cleared everything to Rashmi that she should be careful in choosing his partner.

Rashmi Throws Tea on Siddharth Shukla

Since there is a cold-war going on between Rashmi and Siddharth, who knows each other form out-side the house turns out to bad one when Siddharth S. told her ( ESI LADKI), and in return, Rashmi throws tea on him and Siddharth return the favor by doing the same. On which Arhaan came in between and threw tea on Siddharth S. in support of Rashmi to which Siddharth S. gets physical with Arhaan tear his shirt.

Himanshi Khurana and Asim Riaz

Himanshi who came as wild card entry in the house, hits the strings of Asim’s heart in her first sight, as she is beautiful, Asim became a fan of her beauty. They both are sharing a good bond as a friend. Still, Asim’s start falling for her at which Salman Khan told him to maintain distance as she is having a relationship outside the house whom she is going to marry soon, and that might affect her fiancé. Still, Asim told his feelings to Himanshi when she is evicted from the house, and the same thing happened when she got out her fiancé broke up with her. After a while, Himanshi came again into the house in the family supporter round of Bigg Boss, where she said to everyone that what happened with her and it seems that she is clearing her grounds when Asim again proposes her. Still, she didn’t reply clearly, but when Salman Kahn asked her, she says that I LOVE ASIM.

Madhurimma hits Vishal by Frying Pan

Most Controversial Couple of Television as there fight to go on National Television since there last Reality Show where they used to compete on the stage in front of the Judges, continues in Bigg Boss and turned out to be the Biggest fight or funniest fight of Bigg Boss 13 when Madhurimma break Vishal’s bum with the frying pan. Vishal started the fight by throwing water on her on which she is reacted by throwing water only, but it gets heat up when everything got stopped by Bigg Boss, and Vishal again throws water on her by which she hits Vishal with the frying pan. Because of her action, she got evicted as well directly by Bigg Boss.

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