13 Topics To Start Blog: Choose Best Blogs And Drive More Traffic

blog to drive more traffic

There are various websites which provide information about everything imaginable…. but does that mean they all are good?

Most of the people start blogging as their business so they can have income, and some do for their passion.

So, for the most who do this as their business should always choose the topic for their blog correctly and prudently. It means a topic from which traffic can be drawn to their website, and that can generate income.

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Anyone who puts their focus on the correct path rather than putting their efforts in different directions can build an audience online. No matter, if their topic is obscure then too they can build an audience.

A person should always choose its blog/article topic prudently, which is not at all easy, but we are here to make this easy for you.

A topic for writing blogs or articles should always be evergreen. This kinds of topics don’t lose its importance with time. If you are doing event blogging, then that blog should be highlighted for a particular time span after that, it might lose its importance. STOP…..this doesn’t mean that event blogging is not proper; it can be a great choice. But at an initial stage, you should avoid event blogging because it requires more attention and alertness.

13 Best Blogs Topic To Drive More Traffic

To help you with the evergreen and long-lasting topic for blogs/article, we have done several research and read several articles. Here we have come with 13 unique topics which will help your website and blogs to grow. So Let’s start the discussion

1. Food Blogging

A great way to draw traffic is food, food and food. We all must have seen love for food at the time of lockdown. YouTube videos and blogs have made almost every one of us a CHEF. So, there is always a recipe to be discovered. You can do different types of food blogging; some of them are as follows:

  • Food Photography
  • Food Recipes
  • Food/Restaurant Review
  • Food and Travel (Cultural)

2. Fitness Blogging

One of the most shared genres of content on the internet is blog posts about fitness. Some want to lose weight, some want to look young forever, and some are diet conscious. You can choose your type of fitness blogging, among the following:

  • Nutrition tips
  • Training techniques
  • Healthy lifestyle and Wellness

3. Lists Blogging

Another common type of blogging is lists. What you are reading now is one of my lists. Readers like the content when it is organized and up to their expectations. They always like to scroll through each point on the list without reading the entire information. Some of the examples of list blogging are as follows:

  • Top 10 gifts for girls
  • 5 unique ways to propose
  • 13 ways to save invest prudently

In the search query, if your list is longer than other lists, it will be an advantage to you over your competitors.

4. Interview Blogging

If you want to stand out in a crowd of blogging, gain insight from industry experts. The important point to keep in mind while doing Interview Blogging is that the interviewee for whom we are writing about needs to be the part of the niche and known to that industry. He/She should have a good fan following on social media platform. Set up interviews on websites to gain valuable knowledge from the professionals. You can ask your audience whom they want to be interviewed and ask them the questions they are curious to know about. Steps to follow for interview blogging:

  1. Prepare the list of questions
  2. Design smart questions
  3. Provide a roadmap to the interviewee
  4. Conduct live interviews
  5. Start with small talk
  6. Transition through the questions
  7. Thank them for giving their valuable time

5. Animals Blogging

Nowadays, you will find animal lovers everywhere. It can be possible you are also an animal lover like me. Now you must be like what am I talking about? But wait….. Check the youtube; you will find many videos of the animals which got more than a million views, especially videos of dogs. So, you can write different types of blogs for animal lovers, some of them are like:

  • Tips on travelling with pets
  • Advice on health concern of any animal
  • Fun activities to enjoy with your pet
  • The different behaviour of animal according to their age
  • Best food for pets

6. Technical Blogging

It is easy for the individual to monetize its content if that person is doing technical blogging. Sometimes technical bloggers trap themselves in writing dry, i.e. business-like content. A person should always remember the difference between technical and non-technical blogs. The style of writing the technical blog should be enjoyable while reading without compromising the technical details. Technical blogging can be done in many ways and can also be used to market the services. Following are how technical blogging can be used:

  • Providing guidance to other web users
  • Providing information to create projects
  • Providing hobby blogs (painting, playing instruments (guitar, flute) etc.)

7. Travel Blogging

A good travel blogger is someone who travels around the world intending to share their travelling experiences through writing by collecting different materials and drives income from it online as well as offline. Most importantly, a travel blogger should be a good photographer too so that she/he can share exciting and informative experiences with their audience. A good travel blog must include the following:

  • Why a person should visit the place
  • History of that place
  • Heritage and traditions
  • Food and Climate
  • Do’s and Don’t
  • Budget of the trip

8. Tutorial Blogging

This kind of blogging is different from technical blogging. There is a thin line between these two kinds of blogging. Tutorials blogging doesn’t require intense knowledge regarding the subject, whereas, for technical blogging, ample knowledge is required. Tutorials are blogging deals with general guidelines or steps by following that you can get the result. In technical blogging, you have to learn that technical skills you can rarely get the same result just by following it. In tutorials blogging, you can write topics as follows:

  • Steps for Usage of products
  • Steps for Usage of applications
  • Steps to do makeup

9. Motivational Blogging

In today’s world, where most of us live a stressful and dull life because of the competition and unsatisfactory behaviour in almost every aspect. So, most people feel demotivated, and at that time, motivational blogs act as energetic pills in their lives. In motivational blogs, we use our opinions, thoughts, quotes etc. to motivate others and help the readers to re-energize themselves with positive hope towards life. A motivational blog should be the one which can provide either of the below mentioned:

  • Happiness
  • Inspiration
  • Positiveness
  • Self-improvement
  • Inner Peace

A motivational blog article/topic may include :

  • Inspirational stories
  • Positive quotes
  • Motivational songs
  • Stories of success

10. Entertainment Blogging

Many beginners or semi-professionals have made their career in the industry of blogging by writing articles on the entertainment industry. This industry needs no description. More than half of the world’s population follow this industry in some or the other way. They want to keep an eye on this industry and want to track every moment of it. This industry is evergreen, and there will never be a shortage of topics and articles on this. This industry includes the following:

  • Television
  • Music
  • Celebrity coverage
  • Film
  • Theatre

11. Infographic Blogging

For incorporating visual effects in the blog posts, infographics are used. Boring topics can be made interesting by making good infographics. A person always has plenty of knowledge, data and facts about the topic you are writing about. Put all the relevant facts together and to use that to create an impressive infographic to share on the blog.

Many websites use the visually attractive and appealing Infographic in their blogs. As a result, your infographic will be used as an image source on other websites and clicking to the link may be inclined to visit your website. This will also improve SEO ranking.

Many times readers don’t want to read the lengthy topic and want a glimpse of the topic. So, a good infographic is one which provides full-fledged information regarding the subject/topic. You can choose different infographics to explain the different aspects such as:

  • Pictographs, Donut Charts(for providing the information)
  • Bar Chart, Pie Chart, Bubble Chart (to show comparison)
  • Timeline, Area Chart, Line Chart (to show changes)
  • Scatter Plot, Histogram (to show relationships)

12. Sports Blogging

Another lucrative and interesting type of blogging which is popular is sports blogging. The area and scope of this blogging are vast because every nation plays different kinds of sports. Most of us are fans of some of the other sport or athlete. So, it is mostly impossible to cover every sport. A great way to start a sports blog is to focus on that area which you can cover. So, for that you can choose from  the following in which area you are interested and can cover it easily :

  • History, Rules and Techniques of games (Evergreen topic)
  • Teams
  • Trophies
  • Athletes
  • Matches/Leagues
  • Awards

13. Historical News Blogging

A great way to draw attention towards your website is by providing historical information. A new reader of the topic always wants to know that topic from the beginning. Many times, if something is happening currently which had footprints in the past, will also grab attention to your topic in the present. Today’s information will become important information tomorrow. So, keep writing on the historical topics which are endless. You can also choose from the below-mentioned topics/articles as most of us love to know the history of the following:

  • Country (Independence,Culture,Tradition)
  • Heritage Places
  • Adoption of law

7 Tips A New Blogger Must Follow In Their Articles

  1. Update articles as and when possible
  2. Persistent towards its content
  3. If following the Lists Blogs keep it as long as possible
  4. As Simple as possible
  5. Easily accessible
  6. Show consistency and commitment to your blogs
  7. Work to focus the right niche

If this article is helpful to you kindly comment us in the comment section below, as it will keep us motivated towards our work?.

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