Garlic in U.S. After Onion In India

Yes, you are thinking right, the price of garlic is increasing in U.S. Family members of onion are earlier renowned for their long growing season and now for their prices. The disruptions in the economy of china due to coronavirus outbreak has led to an increase in the price of garlic nowadays.

According to the UN Comtrade database, two-third (70%)of the garlic, which is imported to the U.S., is from China, which is also responsible for 80% of the global garlic supply. According to a Michigan State University report, the American consumes the average of 2 pounds of garlic per year.

According to the U.S. dept . of agriculture, since 2018, the highest prices of garlic are seen in the U.S. retail market. The price of garlic is 29% up from a year earlier during the first two weeks of Feb. The rise has also been seen in the wholesale market as well from the start of the year. The 30-pound bag of garlic, which was earlier sold for $85, is now sold for $87 into California and showed 60% up in the prices.

Garlic is planted in the early spring in a warmer climate. Before harvesting, it took around 9 months to grow garlic, after which it is sold over the entire year.

According to the agricultural analysts in China, many logistics companies are facing a shortage of labor as many transportations, and other modes of commuting have been hindered.

The production of garlic has slowed due to the entry of the new virus known as COVID-19. Due to which the Chinese government has to extend its national holiday to discourage the public from commuting as the virus is contagious and can lead to death.

One more reason for the shortage in the supply of garlic from the Chinese market is more consumption of garlic because of its antibacterial properties, which as a result, can prevent people from getting affected by the disease. In 2009, the outbreak of Swine flu also showed a surge in the price of the same.

Though no evidence eating garlic has protected from the current outbreak, but WHO says that garlic has some antimicrobial properties. 

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