What Is Solar Net Metering?


When you choose to go the solar route for your electricity, you don’t just save money on your monthly electricity bills but you can also help save the environment. The power generated by your solar panels can be used to power not just your home but also the homes around you. This is where solar … Read more

Is Mutual Fund really subject to market risk?

mutual funds

So, before answering this question, let’s know about the mutual funds, how it works, and lots more. What are mutual funds? Mutual funds comprise two words mutual, which means many individuals coming together and fund means money. So, many individuals pooling together their money for a common purpose is known as mutual funds.  Making diversified … Read more

Good News for Tally Users


Good news for accountants as well as for the businesses using Tally. Tally software which is most famous for small business in India and is being used by 1.6 million customers. In India, it has about 70 lakh paying customers and has been given a significant boost after the arrival of GST. Now, Tally has … Read more

Confused Where To Invest ?


There are three things which every individual must see before investing: 1. Return: It should always be more than an inflation rate; otherwise, there is no use of investment. 2. Risk: It depends upon person to person, as higher the risk higher the return and vice versa. 3. Time: Return always depends upon the time … Read more