Karnataka Sold Liquor Of Worth Rs- 473.6 Crore In Three Days


The Karnataka government on Wednesday said that the state had sold the liquor of Rs- 473.6 crore in three days after the liquor sales. The 3rd-day state has sold spirit of worth 231.6 crores. According to the top excise department data, 39 lakh liters of Indian made liquor of worth 216 crores, and 7 lakh liters of beer of worth Rs 15.6 crore has been sold on Wednesday.

Earlier on Tuesday, The Karnataka government sold the liquor of worth Rs- 197 crores. The state excise department official has confirmed that the state has sold 7.02 lakh liters of beer, which amounted to 15 crores, and 36.37 lakh liters of Indian made liquor, which amounted to Rs- 182 crores, were sold on Tuesday.

On Monday, the liquor sold in the state was comparatively very less. On Monday, the state sold alcohol worth Rs- 45 crore only. According to the excise department official on Monday, 3.9 lakh liters of beer and 8.5 lakhs liter of India made liquor was sold.

Karnataka Government Has Set The Target Of Rs-22,700 Crore This Year

According to the Excise department official, the average income of the state form liquor before the lockdown was Rs 90-95 crore per day. To mop up the state revenue, the Karnataka government has increased the excise duty by 11% on Wednesday. And due to this hike, people need to pay Rs-5/- more for a 180ml bottle of liquor. During the budget 2020-21, the government has set the target of Rs- 22,700 crores this year. The previous financial year target was Rs- 20,950 crores, but the government sold the liquor of Rs- 21,400 crores.

After the announcement of the re-opening of the liquor shop, long queues were seen in many cities of the state where the 4200 stores have been permitted to sell liquor in the state. According to the rules in the third phage of lockdown, the alcohol shops in green, orange, and red zone have been permitted to operate till 7 PM.

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