Bollywood Celebrities Died in 2020

Year 2020 Proved to be Ominous For the World. And When the whole world is Facing Such Misery, you feel heartbroken when you get to know that your favorite Celebrity is no more. Many Bollywood Celebrities left us during this Pandemic for various reasons. This Year appeared to be a Terrible one for Bollywood Fans

7 Sources To Get Vitamin D

Nowadays, many of us are Vitamin D deficit. In today’s indoor lifestyle where we did not get enough sunlight, nor can we take care of our diet due to our busy schedule. So, by adding some food in our diet, we can fulfill the daily requirement of Vitamin D in our body.  Before proceeding further

Is Intermittent Fasting Safe For Everyone?

Intermittent fasting may be an excellent way to reduce stubborn belly fat in a few months. Many of them are trying it and consider as one of the most straightforward and fuss-free ways to remain in shape during COVID- 19 pandemic lockdowns without having a change in Indian foods. Several studies have also proven that